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“(D)rain for Life” stands for a year-long project “Promoting Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems in Estonia-Latvia cross border area to improve the environment for active and sustainable communities”, financed by Estonia-Latvia cross border cooperation programme.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) are so called “green” methods and specific types of engineer design techniques that mimic natural ecosystems ways of handling storm water (precipitation) runoff.

It is important to mention that sustainable is not always something totally different to present sustainability means that we use the most harmonic way to transform the environment leaving minimal or no negative impact at all. Within “(D)rain for Life” project SUDS techniques will be compared and integrated within conventional solutions to create multiple benefits in this field, which is not widespread in Estonia and Latvia.

We are aiming to explore and test new integrated ways to create storm water management systems which all the stakeholders and environment elements could benefit from. Starting from the local communities enabled to enjoy highly aesthetic public space to citizens who can re-use the stored rainwater for all the household purposes. Not forgetting the reduced pollution and improved water quality.

“(D)rain for Life” philosophy is to make solving this kind of issues open for society and mass collaboration. Come and join us in this journey towards more vivid and sustainable future!

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