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Project title:
“Promoting Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems in Estonia-Latvia cross-border area to improve the environment for active and sustainable communities”, financed by Estonia-Latvia cross border cooperation programme” (short name "(D)rain for Life").

The Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) are methods and techniques that mimic natural ecosystem's ways of handling stormwater runoff. Comparing with conventional (pipe) rainwater drainage systems, SUDS have multiple benefits, which have not been realised in Estonia and Latvia due to lack of local track record of SUDS, expertise and knowledge as well as institutional limitations. The project aims at addressing these problems.

1. Develop four specific adapted SUDS solutions for local communities in the local setting of EstLat programme area
2. Increase understanding, knowledge and experience with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems in Estonia and Latvia for local communities and a range of stakeholder groups.

Lead partner: Latvian Association of Spatial Planners
Partner 2: Estonian University of Life Sciences
Partner 3: Society Technologies Foundation

t budget:

Total budget: € 114860
Estonia-Latvia cross-border cooperation programme financing: € 97 631

1.09.2012. - 28.02.2014.

Activities and results
• Feasibility studies on implementation fo SUDS in specific context and specific design and technical solutions proposed in Riga, Baldone, Voru, Parnu
• Stakeholder design workshops in case study locations
• Project website and community involvement platform for discussing SUDS solutions for the 4 locations
• Public online discussions for each case study location
• Handbook on Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
• Experience exchange trip to Malmo and Copenhagen area to learn best international practice in SUDS
• International conference

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